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Many of today’s analog and digital video multimedia transmission applications utilize a PC with video capture add-in card to serve as the primary user control center.  As all video frame display and compression algorithms are performed by the PC, either on the main CPU or available graphics engine, these systems must support a wide range of input sources.

Pericom offers a complete portfolio of products for video applications across all major video standards:

The high data rates of today’s video interfaces increases design complexity by leaving developers with less signal margin in which to design reliable high-performance systems.  Pericom industry-leading signal conditioning technology is available in its ReDrivers / Repeaters and HDMI active switches to restore signal integrity by regenerating signals along the signal path.  Better signal integrity and performance translate directly to more signal margin when designing systems and increased reliability over longer signal traces and cables.  More margin also gives designers greater flexibility in their designs, allowing the use of less expensive components elsewhere in the system for lower overall cost.  In addition, design complexity is reduced, resulting in faster time-to-market.
Pericom also offers an extensive variety of switches for supporting multiple video sources and/or outputs with a single device.  With the increase in users wanting to connect portable devices like cell phones and tablets to DTVs and computer displays, it is important that switches are compact, highly integrated, cost-competitive, and power efficient.  Key features of Pericom switches include, depending upon the interface, integrated support for multiple protocols, low jitter, electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, and excellent power efficiency.
With its long history and technology proven over a wide range of applications, Pericom continues to lead the industry by being among the first to support new video standards as they evolve.  OEMs can rely upon Pericom to provide cost-effective components supporting a wide variety of configurations, including 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-port devices, depending upon the application. 

  • Pericom offers the industry’s leading signal conditioning and switching technology for HDMI, DVI, and MHL to minimize jitter, reduce power consumption, and lower system cost. More
  • Thunderbolt - based video applications offered by Pericom, include low jitter clocks, switches with reduced attenuation, and the industry’s leading signal conditioning technology (redrivers/repeaters) to maintain image quality over longer cables and trace lengths. More
  • Pericom’s switches and redrivers/repeaters for DisplayPort provider superior signal integrity for greater design flexibility and dual DisplayPort/HDMI capabilities at 2K/4K ultra HD resolution. More
  • Pericom’s analog video switches and redrivers/repeaters for VGA, Component Video, S-Video, and Composite Video / CVBS provide higher integration, reduced attenuation, intelligent power regulation, and superior signal conditioning. More