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Embedded Systems

The fast growing embedded market is one of most diverse in terms of end application. Embedded includes traditional general purpose ‘embedded CPU’ platforms such as Medical, Robotics, Industrial Control, and Data Acquisition, but can also include Video Surveillance, Automotive, Point-of-Sale, and other more specialized applications. Pericom offers a wide variety of support products for all of these sub segment platforms, ranging from specialized Timing products like processor specific XO and clocks, to Bridge that can connect the latest PCIe based embedded processor families to legacy protocols such as PCI-X, PCI, USB, UART, and more. In fact, Pericom Timing, Switching, and Signal Conditioning products are already used in most embedded platform applications with the most popular embedded processors.

Embedded processors can include CPU chipsets from major CPU vendors, SOC, and FPGA from major vendors which are used across all embedded segments. As an example, the FPGA-Pericom block diagram illustrates the many I/O, power management, and timing functions that Pericom can provide.
Embedded FPGA

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  • homeappliance
    Pericom offers highly integrated mixed-signal IC products for small home appliance applications, such as single-chip temperature controller IC for hair curler, toaster oven and smart electronic iron. We also offer IC for shaver power switch and smart battery charger applications. We are proud to provide our customers with most cost effective total solutions with the state of the art semiconductor products. Through co-operations with our global customers, our home appliance IC products pass… More
  • Industrialpc
    Industrial PCs have to be built for a variety of purposes including automation, POS, motor control, display, and test/measurement applications. Often comprising of single-board computers and backplanes which share an underlying design requirement, the need to provide a controlled environment for the installed electronics to survive the rigors of harsh usage environments and conditions. Electronic components are selected for their ability to withstand higher and lower operating temperatures than… More
  • medical
    Consumer and high-end medical devices like glucose meters, pressure monitors, CT scanners, ultrasound machines, and MRIs require components optimized for performance and cost such as Pericom’s bundled connectivity, timing, signal conditioning, power, and video solutions. More
  • multifunctionprinter
    Multi-function Peripheral (MFP) applications have been, and continue to be, a primary market segment focus for Pericom Semiconductor. MFP can be expressed as “Multi-function Peripheral” or “Multi-function Printer”. This depends on whether the original manufacturer is a printer-based company, a scanner-based company, or a copy-machine-based company. Any combination of functions including scanner, copier, fax, or printer, could be named MFP. From the printing method, it can be further… More
  • security
    Pericom continually expands its broad array of PCI bridge, PCIe bridges, PCIe Packet Switches, Video Switches, clock IC's, and frequency control solutions for the emerging surveillance applications More
  • smartgrid
    Automation, data communications, and distributed generation are developed enough now to support the concept of a smart grid. This is a digitally enabled electrical grid that gathers, distributes, and acts on information about the behavior of all participants (suppliers and consumers) using Smart Meter technology while improving the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of electricity services. Pericom provides a comprehensive range of IC and FCP products for Smart Grid applications, that… More
  • pos
    POS applications for computerized systems incorporating registers, computers and peripheral equipment, usually on a computer network to be used in restaurant, hair salons or hotels. There are various different types of terminals, including mobile POS terminals (supporting wireless connectivity, such as GPRS and Wi-Fi) and consumer activated devices (for inputting the PIN codes). More