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Pericom is committed to providing innovative product solutions to meet your application needs. We deliver the expertise vital to today's designs for major markets such as consumer, communications, computing, core storage, connectivity and display technologies. Pericom supplies essential solutions for the timing, switching, bridging and conditioning of high-speed signals required by today’s ever-increasing speed and bandwidth demanding applications like computers, digital video, embedded systems, networking, telecom, server, storage, ultra mobility and wireless technologies.

PC NB Segment

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  • Automotive icon
    Today, semiconductors are an integral part of modern automobiles. A typical car may have up to 100 electronic control units (ECU) embedded in to its many systems, which include its engine, transmission, to its active safety system all the way to its in-car passenger comfort and infotainment system. Pericom has designed a wide range of products that can be integrated in to any and all of these systems, from timing devices to USB controllers. More
  • Computer and Peripheral
    Pericom products are found in nearly every Notebook in the world. Our broad selections of high-speed next-generation devices are excellent match for this rapidly growing market. These solutions are essential in managing signal integrity and system efficiency through , timing, and routing within the desktop PC, notebook PC, docking station, and various peripherals. More
  • Digital Video
    Digital Media standards such as DVI (Digital Video Interface), HDMI (High definition multimedia interface), and DP (DisplayPort). More
  • embedded 2
    Embedded applications include traditional general purpose ‘embedded CPU’ platforms such as Medical, Robotics, Industrial Control, and Data Acquisition, but can also include Video Surveillance, Automotive, Point-of-Sale, and other more specialized applications. Pericom offers a wide variety of support products for all of these sub segment platforms, ranging from specialized Timing products like processor specific XO and clocks, to Bridge that can connect the latest PCIe based embedded… More
  • networking
    Networking is the backbone that keeps all the data continuously flowing to our cellphones, computers and TV. Networking consists of multiple products including switches, routers and base stations connected to each other linking everyone together. Pericom has multiple products that are used in the networking space which include high performance Timing devices, these provide both performance and flexibility as a timing source and provide multiple fanouts of clock signals for large systems. More
  • Server-icon.png
    The storage market includes a wide range of applications and product segments, from enterprise storage servers, through network and disk drive interfaces, to consumer storage products. Pericom sells a wide range of products to multiple storage market segments. More
  • UltraMob-icon_2.png
    The ultra mobility market includes a variety of powerful and portable electronic solutions for business and consumer requirements that includes Tablet PCs, smartphones, PDA's, digital cameras and portable media players such as video, flash memory products, and hard disk utilities like MP3 and MP4. This rapidly growing area is serviced with a diverse assortment of standard and next generation integrated circuits from Pericom ranging from Analog Switches, USB Switches, Supervisor Circuits, Level… More