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DisplayPort1.1 Redriver with Link Training Listener
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Product Description

The PI2EQXDP101-A is a one Input and one Output DisplayPort™ ReDriver™ that support a maximum data rate of 2.7 Gbps through each channel, which results in a total of 10.8Gbps through-put. Output Level Swing and Output Pre-emphasis and number of active lanes are controlled by decoding the AUX command during link initialization. Also, utilizing the HPD signals from each DisplayPort port, the PI2EQXDP101-A can automatically enter power down state. Or, if the graphics driver is off and has no output signal, Pericom’s PI2EQXDP101-A can automatically enter low power mode, even if an active monitor is attached.


  • DisplayPort™ 1.1a operation at reduced bit rate (1.62Gbps) and high bit rate (2.7Gbps)
  • Jitter elimination circuits automatically adjust link via training path
  • Pre-Emphasis, and output swing
  • Can support all 4 levels of output swing and 4 levels output
    pre-emphasis, as specified in the DisplayPort 1.1a spec.
  • AUX interception circuit only listens to the link training, but does not affect link training
  • Low insertion loss across the AUX signal path (0.35dB @1Mbps)
  • Output can support dual mode DP by providing DDC signals across the AUX_sink pins
  • Using Cable Detect pin from DP connector (pin 13), the switch can toggle between DP and TMDS mode.
  • Automatic power down state when HPD signal is LOW
  • Enters low power mode when no data signal is present
  • Dual power supply (1.5V and 3.3V)
  • 2KV HBM ESD protection
  • 50 ohm output termination can be turned off when port is off
  • Port is turned off automatically when not needed
  • Package (Pb-Free & Green available)
  • 36-pin TQFN (ZF)

Product Specifications

Product Specs

Channels/Out 4
Channels/In 4
Inputs DP++
Ports/In 1
Outputs DP++
Ports/Out 1
Speed (Gbps) 2.7
Power Supply 3.3, 3.3/1.2
Type Redriver

Quality & Reliability

Quality Documentation

Process Qualification

Technical Documents

Evaluation board

Additional Technical Documents are available upon request:
Application information, Evaluation board, and Other technical documents

Request Documents

Orderable Part Number Status Package Temp Range ℃ Pb (Lead) Free Packing Buy from Distributor /
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Qty. Carrier Samples Material Report (SGS)
PI2EQXDP101-AZFE Active TQFN-36 0 to 85 Yes 490 TRAY Contact Sales Samples SGS
PI2EQXDP101-AZFEX Active TQFN-36 0 to 85 Yes 3500 T/R Contact Sales Samples SGS


Product Change Notices

PCN # Issue Date Subject
11-17 2011-19-08 Copper wire qualification for copper bondwire process on TQFN (ZF56, ZF32, ZH42, ZH32, ZD48) package at SPEL assembly site completed.
15-04 2015-04-02 packing method has been changed for these packages from tubes to tray: ZD48, ZF36, ZF56, ZH42.


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