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Networking and Telecom

In today’s connected world, networking is the backbone that keeps all the data continuously flowing to our cellphones, computers and TV. Networking consists of multiple products including switches, routers and base stations connected to each other linking everyone together. Pericom has multiple products that are used in the networking space which include high performance Timing devices, these provide both performance and flexibility as a timing source and provide multiple fanouts of clock signals for large systems. Pericom's switch products provide a way to switch between various data sources and Pericom's range of signal integrity solutions which enable data signals to be transmitted over long distances with clean signal conditions.

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  • routerswitch
    The high-speed networking market is beginning to accelerate again as ever increasing numbers of users and high-bandwidth applications requiring infrastructure upgrades. Pericom offers an expanding array of Interface and Timing solutions for networking applications. More
  • wirelessaccesspoint
    Wireless access points are small devices that allow connection of wireless devices to a wired network. They can be in the form of your trusty Wi-Fi modem or a cellular picocell. The main purpose of these devices is to enable wireless connectivity to devices that are beyond the available wired connections or do not fall within coverage areas of existing larger wireless infrastructures. Pericom has a multitude of products that are used in today’s wireless access points. More
  • basestation
    Base-stations are used for transmitting and receiving radio signals for telecommunication purposes. Cellular connections today are routed through the nearest basestation before being retransmitted through a complex connection of different telecommunication equipment before reaching their destination. Base-stations consist of two main areas, the Radio Interface Unit (RIU) and the Baseband Unit (BBU). Pericom has developed a range of products that can be integrated into both portions of the base… More
  • PON-Diag.jpg
    Broadband access is prevalent today in many households and enterprises. Everytime we use the internet, we most likely are getting access via broadband connection. Broadband access is mostly channeled via a home gateway box in your home or via a router at work. Pericom provides multiple products that address all the various equipments that provide broadband access to you. More