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At Pericom Quality is shared by all employees, the Quality Management System are designed to ensure all final products are in effective operation. The Pericom Quality Policy is our basis of commitment to provide our customers the world-class products. All Pericom products are ISO-14001, ISO 9001 and RoHS compliance from lead (Pb). Our products also meet UL94-VO requirements for all epoxy material used, with an Oxygen Index rated at minimum 28%.

  • Defining "quality" as conformance to requirements, we pride ourselves on our product's capability to meet or beat customer requirements. Our products are designed to be reliable, with quality that lasts beyond the useful life of the application in which it is used. Our library of quality reports and documentation include environmental quality, certifications, IC and FCP quality reports, and reliability reports for all of our products. More
  • Pericom Product Change Notices Change notices are a formal documentation for any major changes to Pericom products on it's form, fit, or function. More
  • Product Discontinuation Notices Find notices of packages and products affected by discontinuation or obsolescence. More
  • Pericom designs, develops and markets high performance interface integrated circuits and frequency control products and is committed to continual compliance of environmental laws and regulations, improvement of its protection of the environment and prevention of adverse environmental impacts. Pericom is committed to an effective environmental management system that will help accomplish its strategic business objectives. Below is a list of commonly asked questions related to Pericoms' Pb-Free &… More