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AN # Description Download
AN047 Interface - LVDS: Interfacing LVDS to PECL; LVPECL; CML; RS-4422 ans Signal-ended Devices AN047.pdf (117 KB)
AN044 PCI Bridge: Schematic & Board layout Recommendations for PI7C7300 AN044.pdf (268 KB)
AN041 Interface - LVDS: A Closer Look at LVDS Technology AN041.pdf (148 KB)
AN040 Three Port PCI Bridge Performance Advantages AN040.pdf (449 KB)
AN037 Speciality Interface: Design Guidelines for Registered DDR DIMM Module using PI74SSTV16857 Registers & PI6CV857 PLL Drivers AN037.pdf (588 KB)
AN036 Interface - LVDS: Interface Between NECL and LVDS AN036.pdf (124 KB)
AN032 Design Guidelines for Power Sequencing When Using PI5C680X AN032.pdf (207 KB)
AN030 Undershoot Protection When Using Bus Switches AN030.pdf (343 KB)
AN022 Speciality Interface: Solutions to Current High-Speed Board Design AN022.pdf (487 KB)
AN020 Speciality Interface: Design Guides of PC133/100 Registered SDRAM Module AN020.pdf (70 KB)
AN012 Speciality Interface: Advanced Low Voltage CMOS with Bus Hold (ALVCH) 3.3V Logic AN012.pdf (24 KB)
AN011 Speciality Interface: EMI Reduction Techniques AN011.pdf (104 KB)
AN009 Speciality Interface: PC100 Registered SDRAM Module Design AN009.pdf (82 KB)
AN007 Speciality Interface: 8-Bit LPT Characterization and Qualification Data
AN006 Speciality Interface: ALVCH16244 Comparison AN006.pdf (57 KB)
AN005 Speciality Interface: Ground Bounce in 8-Bit High-Speed Logic AN005.pdf (42 KB)
AN003 Speciality Interface: Pericom FCT Logic for Hot-Plug Applications AN003.pdf (118 KB)
AN001 Digital Switches: Zero-Delay Bus Switches AN001.pdf (205 KB)
AB045 PCI Bridge: PI7C8152B; Asynchronous Feature AB045.pdf (368 KB)
AB044 Speciality Interface: DDR Applications and PI74SSTVF16857 AB044.pdf (156 KB)
AB043 Digital Switch: Excessive Current Consumption Reduction for Switches with Undershoot AB043.pdf (111 KB)
AB041 Optimizing Laptop Docking Station Designs Using LAN Switches AB041.pdf (40 KB)
AB039 Speciality Interface: The behavior of CMOS in hot insertion AB039.pdf (122 KB)
AB035 Speciality Interface: Memory Systems Multiplexing for High-Performance Workstations AB035.pdf (120 KB)
AB034 Big Ednian to Little Endian Data Conversion Using 3.3V Bus Switches AB034.pdf (15 KB)
AB033 Bus Load Isolation Using a High Density 3.3V Bus Switch AB033.pdf (15 KB)
AB032 3.3V Bus Switches for PC 100/PC 133 DIMM Switching AB032.pdf (25 KB)
AB030 Interface - LVDS: Interfacing PECL to LVDS AB030.pdf (214 KB)
AB020 PC CLock Offerings AB020.pdf (143 KB)
AB015 Speciality Interface: SDRAM Modules Using Pericom's Products AB015.pdf (55 KB)
AB014 Speciality Interface: Advanced Low Voltage CMOS with Bus Hold (ALVCH) 3.3V Logic AB014.pdf (20 KB)
AB011 Analog Switch in Audio Applications (Using PI5A100 to Replace a Reed Relay) AB011.pdf (33 KB)
AB010 ASSP: Switching RGB Video Between Monitor and TV Using PI5V330 AB010.pdf (33 KB)
AB009 ASSP: Video Switch in Video Pixel-Rate Switch Application - PI5V330 AB009.pdf (53 KB)
AB007 All Purpose Analog Switch Design Hints AB007.pdf (144 KB)
AB006 LAN Switch in Ethernet Applications AB006.pdf (54 KB)
AB005 LAN Switching Techniques Using the PI5L100 & PI5L200 AB005.pdf (127 KB)
AB004 Speciality Interface: Heavy Load Applications PI74FCT162344T AB004.pdf (34 KB)
AB003 Speciality Interface: Quiet FCT Logic Advances (Replacement for ABT Logic) AB003.pdf (102 KB)
AB002 Speciality Interface: Low Power Technology (LPT) 3.3V Logic LCX and FCT3 Logic AB002.pdf (27 KB)
AB001 Speciality Interface: FCT vs. ABT Logic Comparison AB001.pdf (42 KB)
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101–141 of 141 Results