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Application Notes

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AN # Description Download
AN379 PI6CDBL401B Low Power PCIe Clock IC Feature Highlights: 70% IO Power-Saving and 16 Built -in Resistors AN379.pdf (252 KB)
AN378 PI6C5913004 Lowest Output Jitter Buffer IC Ensuring Performance in 40GE/100GE Designs AN378.pdf (128 KB)
AN377 PCIe Gen3 ReDriver: PI3EQX8908A Trace Extension, Configuration, and Layout Guide AN377.pdf (1.6 MB)
AN375 Real Time Clock Module: Integrated-Crystal Package FAQs AN375.pdf (118 KB)
AN369 Pericom 32kHz XO Drive 2-ICs in Sport Camera Design AN369.pdf (153 KB)
AN364 PI2DDR3212 and PI3DDR4212 in DDR3/DDR4 applications AN364.pdf (141 KB)
AN362 PCIE Switch/Re-Driver Terminal Detect Debug Application Note AN362.pdf (980 KB)
AN359 Pericom PCIe ReDriver/Repeater Compatibility in a GEN3 Channel AN359.pdf (1.8 MB)
AN357 PT8A2544/PT8A2545 Universal Timer AN357.pdf (60 KB)
AN356 PI3HDMI412AD HDMI Application Information AN356.pdf (158 KB)
AN355 PI3WVR12412 DP/HDMI Source Application AN355.pdf (211 KB)
AN354 PT8A2516 Simple Timer Application Note AN354.pdf (187 KB)
AN353 PI3HDMI412AD HDMI Splitter Application AN353.pdf (342 KB)
AN351 PI3TB212 TB Application Information AN351.pdf (292 KB)
AN350 PI3WVR12612 DP HDMI Application Information AN350.pdf (191 KB)
AN349 PI3WVR12412 DP HDMI Application Information AN349.pdf (193 KB)
AN348 PI3PCIE3413 DP Source Reference Design AN348.pdf (381 KB)
AN347 Application Note for PI5USB266 car charger design AN347.pdf (114 KB)
AN346 PI3EQXDP1201 DP Application Information AN346.pdf (181 KB)
AN345 High Speed Layout Guideline AN345.pdf (237 KB)
AN333 ReDriver: PI3EQX6801ZDE SATA ReDriver Application Note AN333.pdf (478 KB)
AN331 The Pericom Universal Level Shifter AN331.pdf (87 KB)
AN330 Interface LVDS Signals Using Pericom Switches AN330.pdf (305 KB)
AN326 ReDriver: PI3EQX6852BZDE SATA ReDriver Application Note AN326.pdf (216 KB)
AN325 Design Guide for DisplayPort Source Application AN325.pdf (242 KB)
AN323 Application Alert for PI3PCIE2612-A AN323.pdf (51 KB)
AN322 PI3VDP612-A DP to DP and HDMI Source Application Note AN322.pdf (155 KB)
AN321 ReDriver: PI3EQX7741_7742_USB SuperSpeed ReDriver in Source Application AN321.pdf (732 KB)
AN318 ReDriver: PIxEQX6741SxZDE SATA ReDriver Application Note AN318.pdf (502 KB)
AN317 PI7C9X130 PCI Express to PCI Reversible Bridge FAQ AN317.pdf (486 KB)
AN316 PI7C9X111 PCI Express to PCI Reversible Bridge FAQ AN316.pdf (458 KB)
AN315 PI7C9X110 PCI Express to PCI Reversible Bridge FAQ AN315.pdf (527 KB)
AN314 ReDriver: PI3EQX6701x SATA ReDriver Application Note AN314.pdf (458 KB)
AN313 SAS/SATA ReDriver: PI2EQX6408 / PI2EQX6864 4-Lane Design Guide and Layout/Schematics in Server, Storage, Desktop Application AN313.pdf (470 KB)
AN312 PCI Express Bridge: Guide to Upstream Memory Read Performance Optimization AN312.pdf (491 KB)
AN310 USB 3.0 ReDriver: PI3EQX7701 Design and Layout/Schematics Guide in SuperSpeed Source Application AN310.pdf (263 KB)
AN307 ReDriver: PI3EQX7741ST USB3.0 EVB User Manual
AN306 User Guide: USB 3.0 Workshop CV and xHCI Compliance Test AN306.pdf (1.3 MB)
AN303 HDMI Switch: PI3HDMI221-A Configuration and Reference Design Guide in Source Application AN303.pdf (224 KB)
AN302 SATA ReDriver: PI3EQX4951 Selection/Design/Schematics Guide AN302.pdf (217 KB)
AN245 HDMI Switch: PI3HDMI201 Configuration and Reference Design Guide in Source Application AN245.pdf (319 KB)
AN242 Guide to Reset Requirement of IEEE 1149.1 JTAG Test Access Port AN242.pdf (46 KB)
AN241 Power Consumption Guide of PI7C9X112SL PCIe®-to-PCI® Reversible Bridge in Normal Mode AN241.pdf (105 KB)
AN240 Power Consumption Guide of PI7C9X111SL PCIe®-to-PCI® Reversible Bridge in Normal Mode AN240.pdf (105 KB)
AN233 PCIe 2.0 ReDriver: PI2EQX58xx Configuration and Design Guide in Docking, Notebook, SAN Applications AN233.pdf (967 KB)
AN232 DisplayPort Switch: PI3VDP612 Layout Guide in Source AUX Channel Application AN232.pdf (331 KB)
AN231 PCIe Packet Switch: Product Selection Guide to Multi-Radio Wireless Network Device Application AN231.pdf (92 KB)
AN230 Video Switch: Design Guide to Video Signal Interface in VGA Application AN230.pdf (91 KB)
AN229 SlimLine™ PCIe Packet Switch: PI7C9X20404SL / PI7C9X20303SL / PI7C9X20303UL Design and Layout Guide AN229.pdf (92 KB)
AN228 SlimLine™ PCIe Packet Switch: PI7C9X20303SLC and PI7C9X20404SLC Power Consumption Guide in Normal Mode AN228.pdf (107 KB)
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1–50 of 141 Results