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DDR1 clocking devices from Pericom are built on industry-leading technology to offer excellent physical performance while minimizing power consumption.  Optimized for blade and rack servers, these devices provide low jitter and zero-delay buffers to ensure reliable operation and data integrity.  DDR1 SDRAM serves as the interface between CPUs and local memory with throughput of 200 to 400 million transactions per second (MT/s) at a bus clock speed of 100 to 200 MHz.

 Pericom’s portfolio of timing solutions supports a wide range of applications and protocols, and includes switching, bridging, and signal conditioning components designed specifically for leading protocols like SAS/SATA, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, PCI Express, USB, and others.  As the leader in signal conditioning and timing technology [confirm], Pericom can supply the connectivity components needed across your entire system.