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Power Management IC

Pericom’s growing portfolio Power Management Solutions includes Low Drop Out (LDO) Voltage Regulators, uP Supervisors, and Power Management Solutions for Portable/Low Power Applications. These products offer customers superior performance in small packages to allow energy efficient power system design. Value-add features significantly reduce current consumption and provide design flexibility for product differentiation. 

USB Power Switch

USB Power Switch

Pericom's power/load switches are designed for turning power on/off and to provide fault protection, when the output loading exceeds the current-limit threshold or a short-circuit situation is present, the devices limit the output current by switching into a constant-current mode, when switch increase the power dissipation and cause the junction temperature to rise, a thermal protection circuit turns off the switch to prevent damage, recovery from a thermal shutdown automatically once the…

Load Switch

Pericom's power management load switches are designed to provide a controlled turn on voltage profile to optimize battery voltage management in mobile devices. Pericom’s industry unique load switches offer a very linear slew rate turn on profile. This provides a much smoother turn on profile and eliminates possible voltage spikes and battery overstress, thus helping to extend mobile battery life.    

LDO Voltage Regulators

LDO Voltage Regulators

Pericom offers a series of DC/DC converter products, including low dropout voltage linear regulator, featuring low noise, high ripple rejection and low current consumption specifications. In package size wise, we provide many super tiny packages, like 1mmx1mm size LDO regulator to fulfill Ultra-mobility applications. By providing multi-output power supply in one package to save PCB areas and total BOM cost.

Supervisory IC

MicroProcessor Supervisory IC / Reset IC / Voltage Detector

The fundamental application of a MPS (Microprocessor Supervisory) circuit is to keep the microprocessor of a system under control. Thus a system with a good µP Supervisory circuitry can greatly enhance its quality and reliability of the product as a result. Pericom's series of µP Supervisory products provide high accuracy voltage supervisor, watchdog, power-up reset and manual reset serial function to improve the system reliability in applications such as Telecom, Networking, Handheld device…