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讯号切换器 / 多任务器

高速讯号绕送是 Pericom Silicon Switch™ 系列产品的重心。我们的专利电荷帮浦 (Charge Pump) 技术提供最高的讯号完整性,并可实现最有效且清晰的讯号绕送,数据传输率可达 10.1325 Gbps。

Pericom 为 PCI-SIG®、HDMI™、USB.org 及 VESA® 的会员。Pericom 的 PCI-Express® 1.0 & 2.0、HDMI、DVI、DisplayPort™、LVDS、USB 2.0、SuperSpeed 3.0 及 SATA2/SAS 切换器皆完全搭配产品应用而设计。数字电视、机顶盒、笔记本电脑及桌面计算机产品应用的设计厂商,将受惠于我们横跨 PCB 或缆线绕送高速讯号的广泛知识和设计技术。



数字切换器可让逻辑准位通过。因此,若输入为逻辑 1,输出将为逻辑 1。

Analog Switches

Pericom offers a wide voltage range, fast speeds and advanced packaging options ideal for ultra mobility applications.These switch solutions feature low noise, low voltage and low on-resistance with 50 functions offered in SPST, SPDT and Mux. Benefits: Low noise in 1.8 V - 17 V 50 functions offered in SPST, SPDT, and Mux Low voltage & low on-resistance combinations Analog Video Switches Two concerns observed by the majority of design engineers designing systems with analog video signals…

Bus Switches

PI3CH digital bus switch products are ideally suited to address the operational requirements of next generation Servers, RAID, Super VGA, Memory Bank Switching, and Network/Telecom Backplanes. The Low-voltage (2.5 V/3.3 V), High-bandwidth (500 MHz) Bus Switches offer expanded performance capabilities that work well with PCI-X, and DDR-I / DDR-2 memory standards, while simplifying the I/O migration from parallel to serial differential signaling standards. The 5 V I/O tolerance and beyond…

Protocol Switches

Our broad portfolio of protocol switches includes: PCI Express Signal Switches, LAN Signal Switches, DisplayPort Switches, HDMI / DVI / MHL Switches, SAS/ SATA/ DDR Switches, ThunderBolt Switches, USB Switches, XAUI Switches