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  • We are the market-leader in high-speed analog switching technology, and we are proud to hold ‘industry firsts’ with dual HDMI and PCI Express signal switching solutions, as well as unique serial signal integrity technology. Today, Pericom’s technology encompasses all major serial high-speed protocols including PCI Express (1.0 + 2.0), USB 2.0 + SuperSpeed 3.0, HDMI/DVI + DisplayPort, SAS/SATA, XAUI, Fibre Channel, and Gigabit Ethernet. More
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  • Benefits Pericom creates innovative devices essential to the demands of high-speed technology: switching, bridging, signal integrity and timing solutions that move the world of computing forward. Pericom offers to its team members competitive salary, stock options, stock purchase plan, 401(K) and medical/dental benefits. Pericom is an Equal Opportunity Employer. See open positions available now. Apply Now! Email jobs@pericom.com Please include your resume and cover letter as either a MS Word… More
  • A wholly owned Taiwan based subsidiary company acquired by Pericom Semiconductor in Sept 2007. Saronix-eCera, was first established in July 2000, with a reputation for producing high quality, performance driven frequency control products (FCP) widely used in the computing, telecommunication and consumer electronics industries. Pericom Saronix-eCera is the only brand in the market offering a total solution for IC design, crystal blank cut and frequency control components. Its unique vertical… More