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Digital Media

In Digital Media segment high resolution video images, faster refresh rates, and 3D imaging, is not achievable using analog video standards such as composite, S-Video, VGA, or other standards.  Digital video standards such as HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), DP(DisplayPort) and MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) has taken the world to 4K x 2K resolutions. Today, you can find these digital video interfaces in any digital media platform. All flat panel displays now support digital standard video connectors.All notebook pcs, tablets and mobile phones have a high attach rate to send high definition video out to the external FHD or 4K display devices.

With the migration to Gigabit high speed digital video signals, signal integrity in the tiny system boards becomes a new headache for even very experienced design engineers. This is where Pericom can help. Pericom provides low jitter signal conditioning solutions to support these high speed digital video interface application.

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Digital Media Segment                            
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  • dvdblockdiagram
    High Definition video is the key differentiation and driving force within this market segment. Stereo video, 1440P resolution, and 16-bit Deep Color™ per channel drive data-rates up to 3.4 Gbps per each HDMI A/V channel, adding to cost pressures and signal integrity issues. Pericom’s HDMI redrivers and active switch products allow DVD/Blu-Ray Player manufacturers pass HDMI compliance with only a single PCB layerproviding high performance A/V signals at controlled cost. More
  • tv
    To meet the demand of the fast-growing market of LCD television, display and its related products, Pericom offers complete interface and timing solutions: analog and digital video switches, USB switch, bus switch, universal voltage translators, frequency control, supervisory, real-time clock and media clock for different kinds of LCD TV applications. More
  • settopbox
    In existing terrestrial and satellite-based Set-Top Box's both IC and Frequency Control products available are used today. New product innovations tailored specifically for Set-Top Box's include multimedia clock generators, VCXO, and high-performance audio/video switches. More